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  • Eduard Shtogrin

    Mountain View Middle School5

    Beaverton, OR | Washington County

    February 28, 2013

    Both of my kids went to this school. While it is somewhat dated with wood paneling in the halls and needs an upgrade, the teachers and staff are wonderful. Both of my kids got a great education here to prepare them for high school

    Submitted by a parent

    July 23, 2011

    As a former atudent of MTV I had a great time there. I moved away just before they changed the way the school was working (2009-2010 school year change), so I can't say how much I would like it now, but hwen I was there I had a great time. The teams promote you to know more people when entering the school and help you feel much more comfortable knowing that you have your entire class moving on with you, so you'll know everyone, unlike with most schools. All in all a great school.

    July 9, 2011

    I was a former student at Mountain View. It's terrible!!! Ridiculous rules (no perfume allowed) They are cutting some arts programs in half. P.E. is no longer an everyday class. They divide kids up on teams, so you might not be on the same team as the rest of your friends which means during school hours you may only see them in the halls, at lunch. and if your lucky during your enrichment class. Overall not very impressed!

    January 23, 2006

    I am a seventh grader on the Navigator team. This school is really good because of the teaching strategies and involvement. I like being here with all of my friends and the nice teachers, as it is an enjoyable environment and there's almost nothing else like it. I like being at Mountain View.

    Submitted by a student

    March 24, 2005

    I am a sixth grader here at mountain veiw in the Kileawa team, and it has been the best year in school that i have had. The teachers are great and they have a sense of humor too. They really get to know you and are your friends too! I love this school!

    Submitted by a student

    March 8, 2004

    I was a former student of Mountain View and there's no other school like it. It's a great place for learning and wonderful to just simply be in. If I could travel back to a place in time it would definatly be when I was a student there. The most astonishing thing is the wide selection of electives it contains. It's definatly a school that gives Beaverton a good reputation.

    Submitted by a former student

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